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Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Works is a company with 30years history directly controlled by the center. In 1999 has promoted to a national grade one large scale enterprise ranking the 234th position among 500 biggest enterprises of Chinese machinery industry. We passed the audit certification of the China Light Quality Certification Authority on May 1997 are the first one in Chinese tube welding machine making industry to get the ISO9001 quality, assurance system certificate, and passed the 2000 audit certification of international SGS Quality Certification Body. We have the fixed assets nearly hundreds million, the annual output nearly 1 billion, and with the capacity of designing, manufacturing and servicing. The CAD system we are using for designing is nominated as "exemplary project " by the government,

 and passed the national ministry of science and technology 863 CIMS demonstration project acceptance. We own a central air-conditioned machining center and imported processing workshop with more than 60 precise process equipments. Our measurement center is national grade II. The company has obtained 17 utility model patents. To keep a distance with the domestic rivals in technology and reduce the gap with foreign competitors at the same time, to ensure that enterprises in the technology advantage in market competition, we continue to absorb the foreign advanced technology to the retrofit design of the welded pipe units. The new product more than 40% among we produced very year.

On the other hand, the company devoted greater effort in reformation of technical equipment, speed up the upgrading on large equipment. Now, we have 15m planer, 6m open side planer, 4m gantry milling, boring machine and other processing equipment, based on the configuration of the digital display precision boring machine, 5 vertical lathe, diameter of 1.2m, length of 5m, underwater plasma cutting machine, CNC cutting, sandblasting and other large processing equipment. At the same time with purchasing large processing equipment, we bought 10 sets processing center from USA, Italy and other companies, ensured the processing accuracy and efficiency of the key parts of main product include large, special large parts.

Our factory set up with its own characteristics of computer integrated manufacturing system, on the basis of a large number of research and feasibility analysis, the factory work closely with computer technology research institute of Jiangsu Province, has completed the CIMS (computer integrated manufacturing system), network engineering and PDS (product development system) in the implementation of each subsystem, and established the prototype of the ERP (enterprise resource planning system), hardware and software of the main machine room are in place, and passed the review of provincial science and technology commission of 863 plan CIMS expert group. Engineering field implementation environment has been established. So that the computer integrated manufacturing system began to comprehensive application in the production and business operation activities of enterprise, improves level of enterprises in designing, manufacturing and management.

Nanjing Zhongqing company is the largest subsidiary of Nanjing Light Group, mainly engaged in manufacturing various series ERW straight seam pipe welding lines, high precision cold roll forming lines, and high speed coil sheet slitting & cut-to-length lines, the technology of the product is in the leading status in the domestic. These lines are capable of producing pipe diameters from φ8 to φ711 (25IN) and the thickness of wall can from 2.3 to 25mm.

Our φ60 tube welding line has won "Good Quality Prize "of Ministry of Light Industry and "Golden Dragon Prize" of China National Economic Committee early in 1980s. LWGC450 high precision cold roll forming line had won “China Innovation Prize for Cold Roll Forming Equipment”. Our company is judged as the China cold-formed steel industry advanced enterprise by the Chinese steel association cold-formed steel association. Developed in 09, LW1200 cold roll forming unit on the introduction of advanced German COPAR groove design software, applied to steel sheet pile design, broke the technology blockade of professional colleges and universities become the only manufacturer to design the pass of the steel sheet pile in equipment. And in July 2010, our company was elected vice President of China steel structure association of cold bending steel branch units, the same year in October, by China steel association of cold bending steel association rated as advanced enterprise of cold bending steel industry in China. In 2015, our company won the 2010-2015 annual prize of excellent enterprises of cold bending steel industry on China Steel Structure Association of Cold Bending Steel Branch 30 anniversary of the founding conference, the general manager Yu Bing won the advanced individual, our product LWGC450 high-precision cold bending forming unit once again won the excellent equipment innovation. And our company was again elected vice president unit of China steel structure association of cold bending steel branch.In September 2017, "Nanjing Zhongqing" brand steel pipe automatic stacking and packaging production line won the "Top Ten Brands in China's Cold-Formed Steel Industry". In February 2022,our company was elected council member of Shanghai Steel Tube Industry Association(SSTA).

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