Bending machine slider synchronous layout reference torsion axis forced the same

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1. Bending machine slider synchronization layout reference torsion axis forced synchronization.

2. Reference constraint block organization.

3. Refers to the fully welded steel structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity.

4. The hydraulic cylinder is at both ends of the transmission, the saw machine is placed on the slider, and the slider works in a straight line.

5. Wedge deflection compensation traps, thus guaranteeing high precision bending.

6. Slider route agile anxiety adjustment, manual fine-tuning, exposure counter.

After the bending machine is used for one month, check the damaged place of each tubing, there is no shape, such as abnormality should be changed, after two months, the connection of all parts should be tightened, and the progress and service should be closed, and the system has no pressure.