2023 Nanjing Zhongqing Management Conference

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On January 2, 2024, the first working day in the New Year, Nanjing Zhongqing held its annual management meeting for the year 2023, which was mainly attended by management, finance and design departments.

Production vice president, sales vice president, design director make reports for 2023 annual production, sales, design work , 2023 is a year of opportunities and challenges, design and production departments in accordance with the ERP system to promote strict control of various time nodes, quality and quantity to complete the delivery. Sales department in the "volume" serious form, open up channels, domestic trade and foreign trade parallel, successfully reached the sales target. At the end of the meeting, general manager Yu Bing made a summary statement, confirming the sales target in 2024 , Nanjing Zhongqing will always be consistent, not forgetting the original intention, strict quality control, development of new technologies, reduce costs and increase efficiency, hand in hand to forge ahead, casting brilliant.