What should I pay attention to for equipment such as slitting machine and slitting machine group?

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Shearing machine, slitting machine and slitting machine group, for these three, the matters needing attention, the main are:

(1) For machines and equipment that are not familiar with their structure, etc., they cannot be operated and used, so as to avoid blind or wrong operation, which will damage the equipment and cannot be used.

(2) The oil used should be clean and clean, free of impurities, etc., and if it is of high quality. In addition, a filtering operation should be carried out before use to ensure its quality.

(3) The oil tank in the equipment should be cleaned regularly, when changing the oil.

(4) Once the equipment has a serious problem of oil leakage, it should be stopped immediately. It is strictly forbidden to work with the equipment, because the consequences may be very serious.