Type of welded pipe unit

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Welded pipe unit is a mechanical equipment used for pipeline connection and welding, which can realize the docking, assembly and ring welding of pipelines. It is widely used in the installation and maintenance of pipelines in petrochemical, electric power, heating and ventilation industries.

The welded pipe unit is mainly composed of main propulsion system, automatic centering system, heating and arc welding system and automatic control system. Common welded pipe units are:

1. Hand-push welded pipe unit. Flexible and simple operation, mainly used for pipeline on-site welding and maintenance, not suitable for production line operations.

2. Semi-automatic welded pipe unit. Partial automation, simple operation, production efficiency between manual and fully automatic, low cost.

3. Fully automatic welded pipe unit. The operation is highly automated, which can realize automatic pipeline transportation, centering, heating and welding, with high production efficiency and stable welding quality, suitable for mass production.

4. Multi-purpose welded pipe unit. Integrated docking, assembly, ring welding and straight seam welding and other functions, strong adaptability, can meet the requirements of complex pipeline welding.

5. Special welded pipe unit. It is used for welding special pipes such as large diameter pipes, small diameter pipes or extra-thick pipes, with strong customization.

6. Orbital welded pipe unit. It can be moved on the field track and is mainly used for on-site welding of long-distance or large-section pipelines.

7. Rotary welded pipe unit. There is a rotating platform inside, which can easily carry out full-circle welding and circumferential welding, and the operation is flexible.

In summary, there are many types of welded pipe units. Choosing the appropriate model and degree of automation according to the production environment and welded pipe conditions can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of pipe welding operations.